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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join? 

Click here to get started.

What is Peachbody?

Peachbody is an online fitness studio that offers live classes, customized programs and 1-on-1 coaching. Everything that you need to stay active and healthy.

How does the FREE plan work?

Includes daily live classes delivered at set times for motivation, accountability & structure. 

How does the PRO plan work?

Offer on-going fitness programs, you can choose to do all programs simultaneously or separate to fit your lifestyle and goals. The following programs are available on demand:

  • Core Strength (5x/week)

  • Home Workouts (3x/week)​​

  • Gym Workouts (3x/week)

  • Mobility/Flexibility (2x/week)

  • Weekly Meal Plans 

How do I access the workouts? 

Workouts (and meal plans) can be accessed via the Peachbody App or via the website You'll need to log in before you can access the programs. 

How can I improve my diet?

Replace unhealthy habits with new healthy ones. You can improve your health by having a balanced diet. We encourage you to try our weekly meal plans to help you eat healthier and get better results. Click here to learn more.

How do the meal plans work?

Taking care of your body, being mindful about what you eat and Our meal plans are designed to be relatively low effort and use ingredients efficiently so that you can save time, money, and avoid waste. 

Our goal is that you're learning how to eat healthy and choose balanced nutrition options because we know no-one can follow a meal plan perfectly all the time.

Each week we'll provide you with meals and snacks for Monday to Friday. For weekends, you can either repeat your favorite meals from the week, or you can eat other meals that fit your needs. It's that easy!

What kind of recipes are in the meal plans?

Mostly vegetarian and plant based recipes. In most recipes, you'll find an easy meat or vegan substitute if you would prefer. 

Do you provide a grocery shopping list?

Yes, on Friday night we post the entire next week's meal plan so you can plan for the week ahead. We also post the grocery shopping list so that you can shop for what you need over the weekend.

Do I have to follow the meal plans?

No, not at all. We provide the meal plan because we want to teach you how to eat healthy. But you can choose whether you would like to follow our nutrition program exactly, adjust it to fit your specific needs and goals, or eat something completely different. We recommend you save your favorite recipes to refer back to when you want something fast, healthy and nutritious.

Will I still get results if I don't follow the meal plans?

What if I have special dietary requirements?

What is I don't like the recipe, can I swap it?

How does the VIP plan work?

Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing seems to work? Do you need motivation? As a VIP member you get all of the PRO benefits and additional 1-on-1 coaching & guidance.

What's the best plan for me?

During your initial consultation, your coach will asses your current fitness level, injuries or pains/aches, discuss your goals and come up with a custom plan that includes weekly check-ins on Fridays and chat support. Schedule your consultation here.

I'm interested in working 1-on-1 with a coach, how do I go about this?

Please refer back to the previous question in regards to the VIP plan.

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