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6 Tips to Improve Your Home Workout Experience

Do you want a better workout experience and better results? Or do you need a reason to start exercising or try something new?

Working out releases hormones and chemicals resulting in instant mood lifter, relieves pain and calming anxiety, plus long term boosted confidence.

Here are some tips to make your home workouts more effective:

Tip #1 - Lighting

Natural lighting is best but a bright room with good lighting will do. Sometimes all you have to do is getting rid of curtains or shade!

Tip #2 - Your mat

Your mat is your best friend when you're working out. Find one that you really like (even if it costs more than something you don't feel 100% about) and treat it nice. Your mat will catch all of your tears and be by your side during hard times! Your mat also travels with you! :)

Tip #3 - Mirror is a must!

A mirror is particularly important because sometimes you might not feel your form but you can see it. Use a mirror to peak at your form and adjust as necessary. Better knowing yourself is key to fitness.

Tip #4 - No distractions

You're going to try your best (notice I said "best") to avoid any distractions during your workout. Finding a time that works best for you and making it a daily routine is called consistency.

Consistency = key

When you find what works for you, you can began to explore into more flexible options such as changing your environment. For example, moving your furniture, clearing your space and/or go for a walk outside.

Tip #5 - Play your favorite songs

If you like to listen to music, you'll love this! It's very motivating and will make time fly! Make yourself a playlist of songs, if you don't already have one, and try it during your next workout.

Tip #6 - Focus on your workout!

Listen to your body and think about the muscles you're engaging during your workout. This will lead to better mind-body connection and thus to better results. Re-channeling your energy is a form of meditation, practice your breath, and watch your form in the mirror.

Follow these tips and put energy into your workouts. The best investment you can make is your health.

Sharing health is sharing wealth

Your future self will say “THANK YOU!”.


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