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22 oct. 2023 - 17 déc. 2023

End of Year 8 Week Transformation Challenge

  • 57jours
Les participants ayant complété au moins une étape recevront un badge à la fin du programme.

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Get ready to transform body, and your mindset. Together we're going to change the way you think about diet and training. No more depriving, only thriving. The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind. When you believe in yourself - the results follow. We will support and provide you with the customization for total success. This 8-week small group training plan is designed to tone and shape your body. Only rules: 1. Commit to exercising 3x/week 2. Follow the nutrition guidelines and meal plan 3. Complete all of the steps in the program Available at our West Hartford studio or online via Zoom.

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Support & Community

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