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1 févr. 2022 - 4 mars 2022

30 Day Challenge

  • 32jours
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It's all about self-love this month. Gain the confidence you deserve, improve your health and feel your best. The 30 Day Challenge is a personalized home training experience designed to help you lose weight, get stronger, tone and shape your body. Improve your diet and stay acccountable. This program provides structure, guidance and motivation to help you sustain a healthier lifestyle. Includes an exercise program on-demand, nutrition plan and weekly check ins from a health coach/lisenced nurse for guidance and support. This program is broken down into 4 areas: - Strength (3x per week) - Mobility (2x per week) - Core (1x per week) - Nutrition You'll need: - Yoga mat - Booty band - Ankle weights (optional) - Bench, couch or chair

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